Nescafé — Wake Up

NESCAFÉ’s aim is for people to enjoy the perfect start to their day. The task was to create a fresh wake up experience that helps the brand to claim great mornings.

The Case Film ︎

︎ Concept
Every day one billion people wake up to the annoying alarms tones of their mobiles. The NESCAFÉ WakeUp app stopped that accoustic torture by replacing preset mobile alarms for creative wake up videos messages. Using Facebook, users can record and share their wake up videos from their friends around the world. In return they receive personal wake up videos to start the day in a fun way and earn surprises or special offers from the NESCAFÉ.

︎ Result
As you read the app launches in countries all over the world. Within days of launching in the first market, Marocco, over 300 video messages were uploaded to the WakeUp cloud. Meaning hundreds of people were having a better start to their day with NESCAFÉ and it’s unique mobile service.

Role: Art Director & UX & UI Developer
at Ogilvy 
for Nescafé Global
- Honor Art Directors Club 2015 (Digital / App Design)

- Winner of Trophee des Apps 2014 (Best Communication Application Operation)

Klaus-Martin Michaelis  |  Germany  |  2021  |  🖖️