NESCAFÉ — Global Relunch

Nestlé, the Nescafé retailer across 180 countries, had the dream of shutting down their traditional (.com) website to build up the entire Nescafé brand presence within a Tumblr blog and connect to their growing millennial consumer base. With a rising social following, a Tumblr platform with content shareability and a younger, built-in community fulfilled each of Nestle’s wishes.

︎ The Mission
The Challenge was to pull out all the information and integrations contained within a standard .com and create a home for each in a social platform, to host the largest global transaction for one of the world’s largest commodities —coffee?

︎ Execution
Due to the immense reach of the Nestlé brand across product offerings, languages, cultures and continents, Nescafé needed a unifying yet unique experience. The site needed to be customizable with content broken out from the global brand and shared by market, combining commerce and social integration.

︎ Result
This Nescafé project received a multitude of press, pioneering the way traditional retailers explore social platforms as a way of serving their markets. Nescafé’s market- specific rollouts began in Mexico, the UK, and France and extends to more than 60 markets.

Klaus-Martin Michaelis  |  Germany  |  2021  |  🖖️