Maserati — Unfolding the power.

With its 580 horsepower, the new Levante Trofeo presents itself as powerful as a raging thunderstorm. To transfer the sheer dynamics of this luxury SUV to a newspaper supplement is a challenge.

The Case Film ︎

︎ Concept
For the product presentation of the new Levante Trofeo in the German trade newspaper ‘Handelsblatt’, Maserati sought for an innovative way to jump-start a classic medium with a fresh new way. 

Our aim: The Levante Trofeo with his 580 horsepowers should not only be displayed, it should look as striking a s a lightning bolt.

︎ Execution
Via a scannable QR code an Augmented Reality layer is initiated and lets the ad come to life in an electrifying animation. The clou: Thanks to the HDS AR+ developed framework, any provided imagery can be used as AR-markers. This way, it takes only a small segment of the print ad to launch Augmented Reality contents.
Concurring with the “Be the storm” campaign, the Levante Trofeo is staged under a thrilling lightning storm sky. Shortly after, the advertisement changes into a projection canvas for the campaign TV commercial, letting the powerful V8 do its magic. With roaring sound and racing dolly shots. After the experience, the user is automatically directed onto the campaign website.

︎ Result
With the brands first Augmented Reality print ad, we not only introduced Maserati into over 130.000 households twice, but thunderously sent the brand into its own digital era. With an involving and stirring customer journey, that truly puts print advertisement into overdrive.

Role: Creative Director
at Herren der Schoepfung
for Maserati Germany

Klaus-Martin Michaelis  |  Germany  |  2021  |  🖖️