Kontor — Back to Vinyl

Kontor, the world’s biggest dance music label, wanted to promote the new Boris Dlugosch track to the advertising industry. But the target audience – creative directors – notoriously ignore regular promo CDs.

The Case Film ︎

︎ Concept
So for their mailing Kontor used what DJs use: Real Vinyl! But how could anybody play it? The answer was to make the record player part of the mailing itself. The Office Turntable. With a special smartphone device, it combines analog and digital fun.

︎ Execution
But, as cool as vinyl might be, few creative directors own a turntable anymore. So, we – literally – put a spin on things. Together with the vinyl disc, we mailed them a ‘turntable’ – made from the envelope, and a QR code to play it. Our audience just had to flip the envelope and then put the disc on the ‘turntable’. They could then activate the QR code with their phone, place it over the record and listen to the new track. Plus, they could also play other tracks, or contact Kontor via the connect icon.

︎ Result
73% of the 900 Office Turntables have been activated. That’s 10x the regular response rate! 42 % have accessed Kontor.de The Office Turntable features in the new Boris Dlugosch video on music channels, off – and online.

2x Gold Cannes Lions 2014 (Media and Design)
5x Shortlist Cannes Lions 2014 (Direct, Promo and Design)
1x Gold OneShow Award 2014 (Interactive)
2x Merit OneShow Award 2014 (Interactive and Branded)
1x Silver Clio Award 2014 (Direct)
2x Bronz Clio Award 2014 (Design and Engagement)
1x Shortlist Clio Award 2014 (Direct)
1x InBook D&AD 2014
2x Gold POS Marketing Awards 2014
2x Silver Art Directors Club Germany 2014 (Design and Promotion)
1x Bronz Art Directors Club Germany 2014 (Dialog Mobile)
1x Bronz New Media Award 2014 (Dialog Mobile)
1x Bronz AME Award 2014 (Design)
3x Finalist AME Award 2014 (Direct, Mobile and Interactive)
1x Silver Eurobest Awards 2013 (Design)
2x Bronz Eurobest Awards 2013 (Mailing and Media)  
2x Silver London International Awards 2013 (Design and Direct)
2x Bronz London International Awards 2013 (Business-to-Business)
2x Silver EPICA Awards 2013 (Business-to-Business and Mobile)

Klaus-Martin Michaelis  |  Germany  |  2021  |  🖖️