Hyundai — IAA 2019

The new Hyundai i10 is the smallest model in its class and surprises with exceptionally high-quality equipment and unexpected spaciousness. Despite its compact dimensions, we gave the little all-rounder an unmissable appearance at the IAA 2019.

The Case Film ︎

︎ Concept
We turned the i10 inner values into a big show. An interactive installation provided an attention-grabbing stage for the four core features of the Hyundai i10. The 4 large touch screens invited the visitors from far away to playfully experience the evasion system, the trunk volume, the acceleration and the smart navigation system.

︎ Execution
The open exhibition offers plenty of space for the great inner values of the small car. The minimalist construction places the touch screens at the centre of the design without obscuring the view of the Hyundai i10 on display.

︎ Result
Thanks to the Go Big Experience, the small car showed its true greatness at the IAA 2019. It enabled the 500,000 visitors to take a virtual test drive and thus generated interest for advance sales.

Role - Creative Director
at Herren der Schoepfung
for Hyundai Germany

Klaus-Martin Michaelis  |  Germany  |  2021  |  🖖️